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  1. Thks for your replay gr5. I can confirm that I still have the issue after the tiny changes I made. I'm double checking what could be possible in term of fans for this printer brand. Best regards
  2. Well, I might be wrong. I now have a difference while printing an3DBenchy. On left the result while the nose of the boat is turned left. On the right, when it is turned right. So : -Check parallelism -Clean the nose of the head -recalibration hope it's fine now. I'll let you know.
  3. Good evening, I started a new print. Everything went Well. PLA, 215°, 0.15mm and 33% fillin + support This is a standard Exiii/e-nable Robotic arm piece and I have no doubt that the stl is OK. As you can see on the 2 latests pictures, most of the print is very nice and fine. At some point only one small part of the print has started to be degraded. I don't think it's an issue with the temperature, nor the general parameters of the print, or the full part will not be OK. I can't see any parallelism issue on the printer itself ; I can uselly print properly in that printer area. I'm wondering if anyone have this this already?
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