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  1. Here's another example of what is happening:
  2. I haven't found a solution yet, but this is how is printing at the moment: It's a small piece so the issue is not as visible as with bigger prints, with the bigger ones is the same as the first post... so as bigger the print is, greater the offset turns out to be. Can you notice the offset at the firsts layers? I've checked the software version and it is 4.6.
  3. Hello again! I did everything as you said, first with a complete clean up of the printer, then tightened the set of screws and finally dropped some oil on the 6 rods in the gantry. Also the firmware has been updated. I've done some printing and the problem now seems to be completely random, some of the prints turn out perfectly while others present the same issue, I've noticed that the problem happens with the brim, which are the first layers. So I'm starting to think that it's due to a software of firmware problem. What else can be done?
  4. After the first layer of a print, the extruder has some kind of offset and prints the next one displaced a few centimeters from where it should. Every new layer is displaced the same distance as I show you on this photo. After searching about this I tried to fix it by tightening the belts of the ultimaker and updating the firmware, but nothing works, why is this happening and how can I solve it? Thanks.
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