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  1. When I setup a print with multiple items, and use the "One at a time" special mode, the first item prints fine. But the second item and every subsequent item starts slightly higher than the first, which leads to them failing because the initial layer doesn't go down properly. This has only been an issue on my delta printer, not my Ender 5. I'm not sure what causes this, but I can confirm that the position of the print head is still accurate after that first print. The Z hasn't changed at all.
  2. I mean, that's nice and all... but it's not in the gcode file and it's a manual process that I need to remember to do on purpose.
  3. There's a comment block at the bottom of gcode files that shows some of the settings that were used when generating that file. But many of the settings are missing, and some of them are things like "default material temperature" or "settings from profile XXX", either of which could have been modified countless times since that gcode file was generated. It's also difficult to read, being compacted and line-wrapped into a square block. Is there a way to automatically include ALL the Cura print settings as an easily readable comment in gcode files? Not just the reference it used to get a value, b
  4. Thank you! I was doing it while signed in, and it wasn't updating it online. But doing it through the web site seems to have worked.
  5. I uninstalled a couple of extensions that I no longer need. Now, whenever I open up Cura on any device that's logged into my account, Cura complains about "Changes detected from your Ultimaker account" and tries to get me to sync material and software packages, which inevitably re-installs the extensions I don't want anymore. I appreciate the ability to sync settings between devices by using an online record of those settings, but this is getting annoying. It's been doing this since 2 versions ago (4.6.x, 4.7.0, and now 4.7.1). How do I get it to update my stored online settings with my CURREN
  6. Good call! Tried it in Slic3r. There's absolutely no under-extrusion when I print a file from there, and I'm not adding any extrusion in firmware. In fact, the top surface came out perfect, no issues whatsoever. I was even able to turn off some of the retraction and pressure advance hacks that I've been using to try to deal with this issue. Slic3r is giving me the kind of print quality with my current setup that Cura used to get me with my old setup. The reason I don't typically use Slic3r is that it doesn't have any enclosure temperature control, and I'm just much more familiar with the Cura
  7. Ender 5 Pro with a Duet 2 Maestro board, E3D Titan extruder driven by a 0.9 degree motor direct over a E3D Volcano hotend with a 0.6mm NozzleX configured for 3mm filament. I used to run a BMG extruder with a 1.8 degree motor through a bowden tube into a Micro Swiss hotend with 0.4mm nozzle setup for 1.75mm filament. I had the extruder steps/mm set to 420, and that worked perfectly for months. Never had any extrusion issues. I could command 100mm of extrusion through the Duet web control interface, and that's exactly what I got every time. Prints came out perfect, or if they ever fa
  8. I couldn't, the setting didn't exist. My printer is an Ender 5 Pro, so when I set it up initially (long before I switched to a Duet board), I used the Ender 5 preset in Cura. This fills in a bunch of printer settings, but it also automatically hides some of the printer settings from the Machine Settings and Extruder tabs, including filament diameter. Near as I can tell, there's no obvious way to make those settings appear. Since my last reply, I've created a new custom profile from scratch, and now that profile allows me to change the filament diameter for the extruder without need
  9. Thanks, I finally got it somewhat working. I tried Slic3r, and the kickbacks disappeared. Of course, the result was typical Slic3r (wide line spacing that looks awful), but at least it showed me that Cura was still generating code for 1.75mm filament. I had already done the setting change you suggested, but it's not enough. I had to use the Printer Settings plugin to show me the hidden settings, and use that to tell it that my printer now uses 2.85mm diameter filament. Now everything works as expected, including adding new material to the list. Not sure why that setting isn't norma
  10. I run an Ender 5 Pro with a whole lot of modifications (Duet 2 Maestro board, linear rails, different extruder, all-metal hotend, etc, etc). It's been running great for months and months and giving me beautiful results. Until recently, I was running it with a Micro Swiss hotend with 0.6mm nozzle fed with a BMG extruder through a bowden tube. For my most recent project (huge print with many, many pieces), I ran out of the filament I was using and that filament is now discontinued. I couldn't find inventory for that filament in 1.75mm, but I was able to find a few reels in 2.85mm. So
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