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  1. Thanks. The XLoader software worked for the motherboard, but I still get get the firmware on my Artillery printer. I keep getting a communications error. Any ideas of what could be causing this? Thanks.
  2. Check your belts and make sure they're tight. Check to ensure there's no slack on your X and Y belts.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to upload new firmware (Through Cura) to two of my printers (Any Cubic X and Artillery Sidewinder X1) but for The Any Cubic X my computer won't recognize the USB device and for the Artillery I get: Firmware update failed due to a communication error. All my drivers are up to date and the com port shows up on Device Manager. I also tried different cables and different USB ports on my computer but nothing seems to work. I've update the firmware on these printers before through Cura, but all of a sudden I can't. I need the firmwares on the printers because I'm replacing the fried Motherboard on my Any Cubic X and it needs the firmware in order to work. My Artillery resets mid-print and I can't resume the part (It gives me a resume error) so I'm hoping if I update the firmware it will solve the problem. Can anyone help me solve this frustrating issue? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, The grub screw isn't too tight and the wires are already taped like the above image. Yet, I am still having issues. Are there any other possible causes that may cause the hotend thermistor to blow/fail? Thanks.
  5. Hello, I've been printing with my Anycubic Mega X printer for a while now, but I keep having this reacquiring issue. The hotend thermistor keeps failing. I've contacted the company on several occasions and they sent me replacement hotends, which I replaced, and they worked fine for about a month or so before that thermistor began to fail. I've been through a lot of hotends and individual (100k) thermistors, and they only seem to last for about a month or so. This time, I purchased a brand new hotend and installed it on the printer and I only managed to print 1 full part before the thermistor blew. I had previously ordered some thermistors, but they still haven't shipped in yet (So I'm waiting for those, in hopes that they will work). My question is, why do my hotend thermistors keep blowing/failing? Can anyone help me solve this issue? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, Thank you guys for your help. It is much appreciated. It turns out the problem was not the hotend. It was a misaligned idler bearing in the extruder. I was printing the test cube again when it stopped extruding. So, I decided to disassemble the extruder gearbox to see if that was the problem. It turns out it was. The Idler bearing (that is attached to the trigger, which allows me to manually feed the filament (bypass the gears) and keeps tension on the PLA so the gear grips it) was shifted, causing the plastic part of the trigger to rub against the PLA creating a massive amount of friction and prevented the PLA from moving any further. I completely took apart the gear box and moved the bronze gear on the stepper motor a little further up so the trigger and bearing would sit flush with the bigger extruder gear. I reassembled the gear box and printed the test cube once again. It was a success! My Anycubic Mega X printer works again! The gear circled in green was the idler bearing that was misaligned due to the trigger/handle it was attached to being misaligned.
  7. I did this and it didn't solve my problem. It still stops extruding mid-print. Also my hotend is all metal. It's a V5 J-Head hotend.
  8. Ya. It looked good at first, but upon further inspection I found a little disturbance inside. I still have to take it out and make sure there's nothing else. But this is what I found so far.
  9. It's not a clogged nozzle as I had just changed the nozzle before printing those cubes, so we can rule that out. Also, I had replaced the whole hotend (Bowden tube and everything) three times already. The first time was because of a thermistor error and I didn't have any extra thermistors at the time so I grabbed my spare hotend and attached it to my printer. Everything worked fine for a while, until this problem occurred. Thinking it was a thermistor issue again (It wasn't), I then replaced that hotend with a brand new one (I had ordered some thermistors but they hadn't arrived yet, which is why I ended up changing out the whole hotend). To check, I disassembled that old hotend to check for clogs (I found none. I then kept that hotened for spare parts). Finally, my new (current) hotend arrived and I decided to replace it with the other hotend (To see if this would fix it and so I could disassemble that hotend and check for clogs or a worn Bowden tube. Surprisingly, There were no clogs, but the Bowden tube was a bit dirty). So I installed my new (current) hotend (which already had a new Bowden tube installed on it) and it still didn't solve the problem. Then I decided to look at the extruder gears. They are all clear (I cleaned them to ensure no PLA dust was in between the teeth) and they grip the PLA like they're supposed to do. When it stops extruding I see the big extruder gear turning, but I don't feel the PLA being pushed up/further. I don't hear any clicking noises and when I take out the filament to examine it, I find no indications of grinding. This is why I am stumped. I will examine my current hotend to make sure there are no clogs internally and I will let you know what I find. Also, this is when I heat the hotend and only run the extruder motor. As you can see I get good extrusion.
  10. Nope. When I did an extrusion test by just heating up the nozzle and running the extruder, the filament extruded beautifully. It flowed evenly, quick, and it was thick (the size of the nozzle of course .04 mm) Even when I print a test cube and it extrudes at the beginning, it extrudes well. This was a cube I printed. As you can see it began fine, then it stopped extruding (hence why it's not completed and the top is all messed up) This is the same cube, but this time when I printed it, it stopped extruding near the end (at around 90% completion). This is the exact same cube as printed before, but I printed it again and it stopped extruding at around 63% this time. Then I manually pushed the filament and it began extruding again. After I manually pushed the filament to get it started again, I let it run for a few seconds.
  11. I also noticed that this in the bite marks on the filament. It looks like it was turning as it was being fed in.
  12. I pulled out the Bowden tube and it is clean. No dirt, PLA, or black substances on it, and it's not chewed up. Although, a small part of the end of the tube is a little bit sticky to the touch.
  13. Hello, The extruder motor doesn't get hot and it barley gets warm (when it extrudes its cool, and when it stops extruding mid-print its slightly warm, +2 degrees if I had to guess. Not much change in the temp basically), and no I have not printed with abrasive materials (I only print in PLA).
  14. Hello, I am having some issues with the Anycubic Mega X. The problem is that it stops extruding mid-print. I have tried different filaments, increased the temperature, played around with the printing speeds, replaced the nozzle, replaced the Bowden tube, replaced the thermistor, disassembled and reassembled the hotend to make sure there weren't any clogs (There were no clogs), replaced the hotend with a brand new one, checked the fans (they work properly), checked the extruder, disassembled and reassembled the extruder (I cleaned the gears and made sure it grabbed the filament properly), updated the firmware, re-formatted the SD card, re-sliced the part, and tried printing different parts. Nothing seemed to solve this problem. It still stops extruding mid-print. The printer worked fine before and all of a sudden it decided to stop extruding mid print. For example, I printed a test cube (calibration cube) and it printed fine until it reached about 28% completion, then it stopped extruding. This happens with any part I print the only difference is they will stop extruding at different percent completions (Usually above 50% completion they will begin to screw up, but it's happened at around 27%, 30%, 40%, etc.). What caused this and how do I fix it? Thanks in advance.
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