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  1. Odd, my reseller parroted the same thing as the post when I grilled them about it. Guess there's one way to find out for sure. I'll poke around my own machine. Still without the marlin profile (configuration, configuradion_adv, etc) provided in its uncompiled form they're not making it easy compared to the 2, which has its entire marlin build on git
  2. Quoting an earlier post about this by neotko "Yea your reseller did lie. They are ‘open’ up to a point but they don’t share, for example, the firmware build or how disable the firmware key (to easily build your own firmware) Without access to the firmware any hardware mod will be pita since um3/s3 doesn’t allow to easily force other gcode and that means that even the heating sequence (bed, core cartridges) can’t be changed." So yeah the hardware is locked but even if it wasn't I've got no base to start on, due to the source code not being available.
  3. But you dont give us access to the most important features, like being able to compile and load our own firmware. Something all of your previous models allowed us to do (Except maybe the 3 I skipped that generation) That reeks of "we dont wanna deal with RMA's from stupid people who brick their machines" I cant think of a single valid reason as to why you'd do so other than that. Stop protecting me from myself, I paid $10k for this hardware and it's mine. Let me use it how I want
  4. Considering half of the materials on the marketplace aren't supported by the material station it's been acting primarily as a $3500 drybox. I primarily print with ASA, PETG, PLA+, Zytel and only the pla+ works with the material station because I'm using a duplicate material profile based on generic PLA. And no it absolutely applies. "but sometimes this means taking a little bit of freedom away for the exchange of reliability and security." reads like "Our users are too stupid for us to give them access to anything actually useful" which is pretty much how Apple treats its users vs pretty mu
  5. Reminds me of a quote by a famous American paraphrased "Those who trade freedom for security deserve neither" Just use whatever defaults you want but let us use our machines how we please! Honestly I could fix half of the issues with my machine myself if I had more access to the firmware. Every update seems to break how I use my machine (latest introducing an error when I leave my NFC spool holder unplugged because most 3d party materials don't fit on it anyways so I made my own) and its getting super old.
  6. It wont change over unless the second spool is manually set to generic as well. What I do is take the NFC tag off the spool and manually tape it to the left side of the holder. That's worked 100% of the time for me. Only ultimaker materials come with NFC tags I'm 99% sure. You just select the type of filament after loading it for 3rd party
  7. I take my spools to recycling center unless they're the re-usable type. I'm saving all of my waste filament sorted in 50 gallon drums for experimenting with extruding my own filament later. Once I get a full drum I'll start experimenting with that
  8. I've tried that. no changes. And I've also tried multiple rolls of different colors so not a bad batch. Been working with my reseller for a while on this and they're stumped as well. if PLA+ was the only issue I was having I probably wouldn't say anything, but even first party materials have issues, different issues but still issues. ABS warps no matter what I try, even taping the machine up etc I have an entire laundry list of issues separate from this, maybe suited to a new post but im pushing my reseller hard to just return the machine outright and get my money back. I rebuilt the mo
  9. You keep saying the material is trash when it works flawlessly on all of my printers except the ultimaker. Had I had known it wasn't able to print esun pla+ I never would have bought it in the first place
  10. Ah so that explains why its gone. Why would you remove it in the first place? +1 for putting it back
  11. I wish I could return mine. The machine isn't worth the money if it was half the cost. Avoid. Wait for S6 and then watch it carefully before pulling the trigger.
  12. Still fighting PLA+ I managed to get rid of the moire as described above but even at .1 I have visible layer lines like way more than my prusa with the same material at .2. Honestly this printer was a mistake, its given me nothing but fits since day 1
  13. It's tied to the frame light simmer/slider. Just lower that all the way and the material station as well as the main frame light will dim, then turn off. Interestingly I have a new bug now, where the lights wont turn back on the material station until I reboot the machine. It's not that big of a deal but like.. come on I expect better QA than this on a $10k+ setup.
  14. You powered off the printer mid firmware upgrade? 😬 You're gonna wanna reach out to support
  15. Having some dimensional accuracy issues with the stock profile.. Could also use having it updated to support material station.
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