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  1. Firmware 5.7.2 reset printer... still no joy https://youtu.be/sDS_f9HP5S0
  2. Yes. the problem isn't connecting - WiFi is working.. I've not been able to get the printer to enable hardwire Ethernet.
  3. Got the S5 bundle a coupe of weeks ago. I'm able to get WiFi going, but I'm in the outskirts of our WiFi's signal so it's iffy. When I try to enable the Ethernet, the little slide-button on the touchscreen goes green, then goes back off a half-second later. No indication on what the issue is.. I verified the Ethernet is working by plugging it into my laptop so, I'm stumped. Is it possible to check the IP address? My network is not using the typical usually seen with consumer stuff... maybe that's the problem?
  4. ya, figured that out 12 hours ago 🙂 I could never catch it in action to see what it was doing. nice design, think I'll copy it for my home-brew 🙂 I've been running a dual-carriage, Worked but was never really happy with it.
  5. Nevermind... figured it out myself.
  6. Brand New 5S bundle owner. Can anyone tell me what this bracket is for? the head makes lots of trips over to it, almost like there's supposed to be some cleaning gadget there (like my old stratasys had)
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