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  1. I may have spoke too soon, it didn't work. Just tried printing another part and same problem, the exturder gear is clicking back while its printing. I put some tape on the end of my extruder gear and took a video to better show the issue. Starting to think it may be a mechanical issue with the printer. error video.zip
  2. I do appreciate the assistance and tried both things listed above. One of them worked and I'm no longer having the issue. I thank you both for your help!
  3. For some strange reason, I'm getting some odd retraction behavior in my 3D prints. It constantly retracts when it should be printing solid, leaving a honeycomb pattern behind. I'm running Cura 4.6.1, I'll attach the G-code and a photo of the result, I'm not technical enough to interpret the G-code myself. I have a ANET E12 if that helps anything. appreciate the responses and help, let me know if you need anymore info. glitched.gcode
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