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  1. Hello, I'm using UM5 pro bundle. I would *really* love a new feature to reprint the same job after removing the part but ***before*** material removing. It would be nice if the firmware ask for reprint at the end of a part printing. This would spare a lot of time and material. This is particularly true when using PVA... Because it breaks in 50% of cases when loading.
  2. Hi everyone, Is there a way, such as graphic card parameter or something else, to boost cura ? I'm working on a pro workstation: Xeon Silver 4112 + 32GB DDR4 and a decent SSD. I would expect that the only the slicing (and eventually the preview mode) may be compute-intensive, but multiplying a part, or modifying the nozzle, materiel or any parameter change launch a lot of computing in background. This computing seems to be proportional to the number/complexity of parts and this is really annoying with dealing with a huge number of small pieces: each paramet
  3. Hello, (print with PC on bay B for head 1, PVA on bay E for head 2) I have a reproducible problem than happen during the startup process of a print (material loading...) in 2 cases : - if a manually cancel the print - if some errors occurs (actually ER56, the PVA breaks somewhere in the MS) In theses cases, the Z stepper seems to be free, the plate fall down down to the bottom of the printer. What's happening after this fail: - reboot the printer (soo long) (thanks to the bad error handling of the UM5) - happy because PC is st
  4. I'm experiencing the same problem for 50% of my PVA prints. The bay A of my MS is fully blocked, I'm using it only to store material spool.
  5. Hello, @ Ultimaker : Really, please, remove the PRO world in "S5 pro bundle" until the following bugs are not corrected 1- No way to exit a finished printing After a finished print, there is no way to exit theses screens except a reboot (PS, the print was not started due to a unknow reason) (items a grayed) 2- Abusive purge Each time a new part is printed, both print head are purged. The head move, front, back, too much material is purged. This is still true when using the latest fw (june 02). This consume time and money. Wh
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