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  1. My Lulzbot Mini had a .5 nozzle and Cura was set to .5 line width. I changed over to a .4 nozzle but Cura kept the .5 line, even after changing it in the printer config. My CR10-S has a .4 nozzle and Cura defaulted to .4 line width. I measured the extruded diameter on both printers with .4 nozzles and got .52mm. Put on a new nozzle and still measured .52mm. Cura was set for .4mm line width when I did those measurements. Most of this is over my head but I keep trying to figure it out.
  2. I don't think I tried that. I will keep that in mind the if I have to print this again or run into the problem. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Thanks burtoogle. I used the .5 wall line width to make the print and all was well. You made me think more about line width settings, nozzle size, etc. Found other settings that also worked. Somewhere along the way I saw a "rule," more than once, the line width should be = to nozzle size. It made sense to me so I always followed it.
  4. I designed a holder (Shelf type of design) in Fusion 360. Cura told me around 25 hours to print it. For a possible fit problem I decided to scale it to 101%. Now print time is 15 hours. Set back to 100% scale and 25 hours. Set it to 99% and 15 hours. Tried many different settings (infill, layer height, etc.) and rebooted computer with no change. Since I am new to Fusion 360 I went back to A123D and designed the part with it. Same results. I am using Cura 3.6.20 Lulzbot Edition (have their mini printer), then switched to Ultimaker 4.4.1 (use for Creality CR10-S). Totality surprised, had
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