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  1. I’ve spent many many hours looking up g codes online to compare what they do and looking at forums trying to figure out the problem. I tried editing the Goode myself and It made the problem far worse. This is why I was hoping for some help. But thanks for the advice!
  2. Hello All, I'm new to 3d printing and till trying to figure all of the technical stuff so hopefully i can get easy to understand answers 🙂 I just started using Cura with my Creality CR-10s Pro printer. Whenever i start a print the nozzle scraps the bed HARD and i have to manually adjust the z axis up around .15 for it not to. It does this EVERY time i start a new print. I've spent many hours making my z axis bar is level, leveling the bed, adjusting the sensor etc. I used the TinyMachines video for reference I have no idea what i'm doing wrong. I thin
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