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  1. Having the same problems with 4.8 on my windows 10, and tried it with windows 8 and 4.7 and never could get a file uploaded either.
  2. I think this log is what you asked for, hope it helps, and thanks for any advice you can offer.
  3. I have updated to the latest version of cura (4.7.1 at the time of writing) and am still running into the same issue. I even tried uploading stl files under a different printer (CR10 from the drop down menu selection). Everything about the software works fine until I try and upload any kind of file, about .5 seconds after the program opens file explorer the message cure.exe has stopped working and the program closes. Also, I am a novice at best so I don't really follow what you were saying in your response maht. The "settings stack" to which you are referring should be isolated to
  4. I updated to windows 10 and am still having the same issue, and have since found two other people with the same problem but so far no one with a solution.
  5. So I just bought an Artillery Sidewinder for my first 3d printer and there were so many people talking about cura I decided to try it for my slicer. However, every time I try to import a printer profile or any file such as a print I want to slice, the program crashes. I'm running a Dell inspirion 15 with windows 8 and an intel I7 processor (yes I know a little out of date). Any help or advice on how to get this issue corrected would be much appreciated.
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