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  1. Hello, I have a question about ultimaker 3. Is this printer end of life? And if so, for how long can get spare parts for this printer? Thank you in advance
  2. Hello, I just received a 3dsolex nozzle but unfortunately it is not fiitting in the ultimaker 3 nozzle unit. What ever I try it does not go in. I have measure it and it has the same with as the orginal one. I am out off ideas and I want to send it back. Any suggestions?
  3. Dear JohninOttowa, Thank you. Dear Torgeir, Thank you. I don't want to cross the limit. I just want to print abrasive composite material. So that why.
  4. Dear, I have UM3 and S5 and want to print high temp materials. I wanted to buy Ultimaker CC nozzles but as I also want a 0.8 nozzle it is going to be very expensive. I found on google 3DSolex who have nozzle pack for UM3 as well as S5. My question is as follows: Does anyone hase experience with it? Does UM3/S5 recognonizes the 3DSolex nozzle, Does Autobed leveling work correctly with these nozzles? If someone can answer this it wil help me very much. Thank you in advance. With kind regards,
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