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  1. @nallath will any of the white motherboards work as a direct replacement for a wood UMO, or do I need to get a specific version?
  2. @nallath None of those files can be downloaded, it's just a bunch of lines of what I'm guessing is firmware code. I don't get why none of those hex files cannot be downloaded.
  3. I've built the Marlin firmware as mentioned originally, to no avail. Which firmware update is most original in the provided list?
  4. When taken out of storage, the printer's power switch was in the "ON" position and it did power on and display the typical home screen once connected back to power. What you said about electronics being stored for a long time has me wondering if that's why Texas Instruments' graphing calculators used to have watch batteries on their control boards, in addition to the normal power source batteries. Still, that can't be mitigated this day in age?! I would really just love to get the firmware that came with the printer to try, or some sort of script that can rewrite the bo
  5. Hello All, I thought I was going to get to 3D printing tonight, and just like any printer that hasn't been used in a few years and was updated, it's now non-functional. When I set up the printer from storage, the power switch was already on, so it just powered on right away, but that should affect what I'm about to explain. I think it probably just jumped too far up on this update and now is corrupted. So, I downloaded the latest Cura as any sane person would do, went through the normal motions of installing, and then checked for firmware and then proceeded to update. T
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