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  1. I have bought my UM3 used and had major issues with print-head wobble. The rods + bushings were replaced with OEM parts and now that seems to be much better. Having that said, I am stilling having issues printing a part that has support on the underside. Please see the two attached photos. The silver filament is original UM printed on my UM3 and the orange part was printed on an inexpensive Chinese machine. It is easy to see in the 2nd picture that the filament is loose on the supports and does not order neatly. Automatic self-leveling completes normally and I could not see an
  2. Hello all, New to the forum but not to 3D printing. I bought a used UM3 a couple of days ago, did some cleaning and maintenance and was ready to print my 1st object. The previous owner gave me a number of original UM spools of PLA and PVA and from the popping sound while the PVA was printing it seems like the spools had moisture in them so I had placed them in a closed container with a dehumidifier for 24 hours. Here is what the 1st print looks like. 0.4 nozzle, 0.2mm layer otherwise defaults in cura. The print is OK but not really good as the bottom looks pretty bad an
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