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  1. grazuncle


    Hi Adam.. welcome I guess many are in the same position.. learning.. Me too. I hope to do the same although not having specifically an Ultimaker printer. regards
  2. Hi all I'll explain.. I started of an overnight 3D print job last night and when i got up in the morning a really pungent chemical smell.. Oh God! I thought.. something noxious from the filament (new brand i had never used previously) ...smell impregnated everything in the room and it seemed close to the printer too... Reluctantly heated up the hot end and forced some filament through just to try and find the source.. Nothing at all from that... Relief! Even took the panel cover off to see if there was electrical insulation breaking down somewhere in the printer.
  3. This thread help me a lot. A client sent me a model and swore his design was 'watertight' but Cura and Mesh tools said no. I looked up non manifold and found something to look for .. LOL In the end i opened up his design myself and sliced it in half with my CAD program and sure enough there was two edges just like this example he adjusted his design and all was well in Cura.
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