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  1. That thought also crossed my mind. Even though I was able to set everything up with an Ultimaker 2+ and Slic3r, I've been having a lot of trouble generating good nonplanar prints. The nozzle collides with the print, it extrudes unnecessary amounts of material at certain points and kinda drags along the print's surface. I've been using a 0,8 mm nozzle (on the Ultimaker 2+) for the nonplanar prints, so maybe that's a reason for the roughness of my results. Printing a sphere has been even worse, with some layers protruding from the prints surface in the areas nearing the nonplanar layers.
  2. Thanks for the reply! I sadly cannot change the part's orientation, which would indeed make things easier. I will try the adaptive layers out! I need the layers to be really thin throughout the whole print, though, for the acetone vapor to work its magic.
  3. Hello! I've been trying to print a half sphere using Cura and an Ultimaker 3. Because it is used in a friction pairing, it needs to have a really smooth surface, with (ideally) no stair stepping effect. The first thing I tried was using fine layers, with a height of 0,1 mm. The chosen material was ABS, so it could be chemically smoothed with acetone. After the finishing process, the sphere was looking good on the lower layers, but nearing the top it still had noticeable stair steps. Not only that, but the very top of the print had a bad finish, right where the printer s
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