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  1. BDW: My machine is not working any more. Every time I try to change the print core (hoping for Material being also ejected) it goes into waiting mode and remains there forever. I think I have to go back to 5.7.x
  2. Ok, I have opened a ticket as you proposed. Waiting for the feedback on it.
  3. Hi I afraid you are misunderstanding my case and did some assumption, which are simply wrong. My machine is NOT constantly rebooted and also not tuned off or on. I also never tried to pull out the filament manually to avoid damages. However, what I said was, this WOULD be the only solution, which is a NOGO! I also never mention to have done rebooting before confirming the removal. So, how do you come to idea to suppose that???? My machine was in Idle mode for the last 3 days (not usable due to filament change issue). I first upgraded the firmware and as the was
  4. Hi, Thanks for your message. 1) "Manual Violence is needed" means, that I have to turn off the system and pull out the filament manually. Neither the eject button in the material station nor the menu on S5 help. 2) The machine was in this situation (having PVA loaded to Core 2 and not being able to unload it) since last firmware update, almost 3 weeks ago. The unload button has been grayed out all the time. After upgrading to 5.8.1 I expected it to allow me to unload the filament. Unfortunately it doesn't. even rebooting, restarting or ecen turning off the entir
  5. Dear Ultimaker Team, we have been waiting for such a long time, not being able to use our machines due to essential problems with filament change and now the new version 5.8.1 is released and I must say, it is a disappointment again. There is no improvement and the issues remain. You may have been working on it and tried to fix issues, but what I can say is, it has failed. The filament is still shown as "in use" and there is no way of unloading it, except with pure manual violence. The unload button is still grayed out and there are still huge problems with filament
  6. It seems to me, that it has to do with "Tool Change" action. Did you check your 2nd print head to be right in place? Beside that, I would re-calibrate the tool change position. And after all, try to re-install the firmware. I had it a few times, that the first firmware update created weird behavior and I had to install the Firmware a 2nd time.
  7. Yes, this is what I intend to do. I already asked in my prior posts, how to do that. Unfortunately I didn't get any response.
  8. Ok, this is great to have the 5.8.1 within next 3 weeks to address all that issues. However, the fact that there no way of unloading the filament makes the machine unusable for the next 3 weeks. So, what should we do? I need to use the machine every day, since we have projects waiting for results. Is there a way just to un-gray the "unload" button in an intermediate version? it is really essential and much more urgent to wait 2-3 weeks for. thanks
  9. Hi, there is another issue with 5.80, you may want to take care of. 1) Material recognition doesn't work properly. You sometimes need mutiple times to insert and release the filament to get it recognized. 2) When the material is in use, S5 some times cannot recognize the left amount of filament. As you can see in my screen shot, the PVA is in use, but the left amount in unknown.
  10. Is there a chance to get a hot-fix for the "manual Load/unload" problem? I need to change my PVA against BreakAway in the same head 2 but I cannot unload PVA. The buttons are gayed out. Even, when I change the print head to AA, it doesn't unload the PVA. This is very annoying and a serious problem.
  11. This is exactly the Issue, because I may want to change to another spool of the same color and Type (e.g. to an older one or newer one, with less or more filament on it). Anyway the system should not limit me as a user in what I can do. It may assist me in an intelligent way, but not cut off my possibilities. The Park position is definitive far more above the head and this causes problem at the beginning of the print (e.g. incomplete skirt, brim or raft). I will try to post a photo, once the next print is finished.
  12. I thank you for your response. Appreciated. However, I am definitely and exclusively using Ultimaker Filaments and they are all equiped with NFC chips, but still the problem exists and the unload button is grayed out, so I cannot change the filament, except I change to another Type or Color. The "parking above the head" function is generally a good feature, however (at least in my case) the filaments parks over 15cm aboove the head and I can see the top of the filament in the boden. Is that correct? Was this intended so? All together, the new Firmware (5.8.0) generally doesn't seem t
  13. I own the Pro Bundle and I am really disappointed about the latest Firmware 5.8.0. It seems Ultimaker didn't really test it before releasing. The fact that you cannot unload the Material anymore, except you change it against another color or Type is a mess. Should we really be careful in future not to update to the latest firmware? We all agree, that this is no a hobbyist machine, rather than it claims to be a professional one. Today, I was 2 hours busy with it just to unload the material!!! this is not "Professional". Is there any way to downgrade to the
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