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  1. Update: Started the print via network, everything was fine until I decided to check up on it 9 hrs into the print. When I checked the print over digital factory I found it literally printing in thin air, the head moving and extruding but the bed was in the lowest position. This is ridiculous.
  2. If by breaking you mean the print is stuck to the glass and it chips parts of it when removing then you need to apply a generous amount of UHU glue stick before printing. The prints will pop right off after cooling. Don’t ask me why but when I tried with a different brand of glue stick, the prints would not come off.
  3. Yesterday I had a print stop because at the end of the spool the ABS left was very brittle and broke off in the extruder. Upon closer inspection the material had these weird holes in the cross section. (See attached) Any thoughts on what might cause something like this, seems like a filament manufacturing issue to me.
  4. Update: I'm getting beetween 65-70 C with an IR thermometer, ambient temperature according to thermostat is 25 C, Printing ABS. I forgot to mention that one of the reasons I touched it the first time is that I noticed a rattling sound that was not there before, it is fairly noticeable everytime each stepper moves. If someone has any suggestions let me know. Cheers, Rodrigo
  5. Thanks! It does help a lot. On the braking thing I think most printers actively brake, can’t imagine you can get any sort of repeatability with a belt drive if you switch the current off constantly, I might be wrong though. I’ll report back if I manage to find one of those ir thermometers somewhere in the factory. Thanks again.
  6. I agree that it can be subjective but have no easy way of measuring the temperature on them right now. I guess I’ll have to get a thermocouple or something but quite frankly I don’t think I should need to babysit a machine like this, especially brand new. They are hot enough to be disturbing so I feel that does count for something, they are in an air conditioned room so summer Is not THAT much of a factor. For example on a Prusa I can touch the steppers for any length of time and they just feel warm, the S5 being enclosed I expected somewhat higher temperatu
  7. I casually touched the steppers for the x and y axis on the S5 yesterday and they felt really hot, to the point you can't keep your finger on them for more than a couple of seconds. Is this normal? I don't remember other printer's motors getting this hot. Printer is fairly new and the axis don't feel any harder to move than other printers. Cheers, RM
  8. Hi UlrichC, No I couldn’t set it up, when entering the code the printer took it but didn’t appear on Digital Factory. Right now the printer is not connected to WiFi or Ethernet. Should I disable digital factory altogether? If the price to pay for additional connectivity is inexplicable failed prints I’ll reject that deal every time. Thanks, RM
  9. I just had this exact same thing happen to me, S5 with USB stick. The weird thing is that it says "Print Complete" RM
  10. Seriously, no official response on this? Are we the only ones seeing this?
  11. Anyone else having this issue? I enter the PIN shown in the printer screen to digital factory and nothing happens, if I try the same pin a second time it says no printer is using that pin... Cheers, Rodrigo
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