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  1. Shoot. It's weird. We were able to run a clean cycle of print core, the one that we unstuck, in the #1 spot, which worked fine, but when we unloaded and loaded filament, there was no extrusion. We swapped the AA 0.4mm for the other AA 0.4mm print core into the #1 spot and tried to unload and load and still did not get any extrusion. We moved the previously clogged print core from the #1 spot to the #2 spot and it worked fine, so it's not the actual print core that is faulty, but the #1 spot. What do you suppose is preventing the #1 spot from being able to work properly? Thank You. -Charlie
  2. Thanks everybody. I heated the print core to 280C and pushed the filament down further. After 20 minutes, with serious effort, I pulled it out with needle nose pliers. Victory! Much appreciated. -Charlie Charles McBride Beaverton, OR
  3. Hi everybody. I was following the procedure to clean the print core, hot then cold, and during the hot phase, the PLA filament broke off just above the housing to the print core, a BB 0.4. I can't pull it out and can't push it in, with or without heat. I'm tearing my hair out. I'd happily toss the print core but I can't get it out because of the protruding filament. It's an S3, purchased around May 2020. Ideas? -Charlie Charles McBride Beaverton, OR
  4. My S3 is three weeks old and died a week ago. When I turn it on or off I can hear a faint click and that's all. I ran through the firmware procedure, installing it on a micro SD and inserting it into the motherboard slot as my Ultimaker contact suggested and... nothing. Ultimaker has been responsive so far and am hoping to hear from them tomorrow. -Charlie
  5. Greetings. I started a print before going to bed and in the middle of the night my wife got up to dim the light on the printer. Apparently the print had stopped for some reason. In any case, I got up to take a look and there is no power to the printer at all. I turned it off and on and nothing. I unplugged and plugged and still nothing. I checked the outlet and it is live. The weird thing is that when I turn it on I can here a faint noise like a little click and a similar noise, very faint, but with more "twang" when I turn it off. No fan, no lights, no screen. It appears to be dead except that very faint click that can barely be heard when the power button is switched on or off. I've had the printer for about two weeks. Thanks for any help. -Charlie
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