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  1. GregValiant, thank you for your input and explanation. I tried sizes even much lower than that with no success. As for the gaps, what I am trying to print is an array of devices, but due to size constraints, they have to fit VERY close together. Not being able to print such an array is an issue for me, and I have no problem slicing and printing the full model array with the Ender slicer. But I wanted to use the Cura because it was highly recommended. Is there any sort of override setting to enlarge the active print space to the full 350mm x 350mm size?
  2. Hello, I just joined here and I am just getting into 3D printing. Right off the bat I'm having an issue with the Cura 4.6.1 slicer not slicing for me. I am using the Ender 5 Plus which has a 350mm x 350mm print space. It just so happens my model is that exact external dimension... 350mm x 350mm. I have used a different slicing program and printed the model successfully in the past, but with the Cura slicer, unless I reduce the model to around 300mm x 300mm, it gives me error messages when I press the slice button. So something is way off. First I get a Model error when I size up my model to 350mm x 350mm; "Your model is not manifold. The highlighted areas indicate either missing or extraneous surfaces." Then when I hit "slice" I get this message; "Unable to slice. Please review your settings and check if your models: -Fit within the build volume -Are assigned to an enabled extruder -Are not all set as modifier meshes" Can someone possibly explain what I might need to do to extend the print space in Cura enough to be able to slice the print? Or if I'm doing something very wrong in the process... Thank you in advance!
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