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  1. you only see one layer because you have "selected only the last layer". at the bottom you have the progress of the currently selected layer while to select the layer you have to use the bar on the right
  2. ty for answering.... while I was writing the answer I understood what was wrong ... I always thought that the origin of the axes (green circle) was what "cura" thought was the home point ... when in reality it is only a "visual effect" and not influencing on nothing 😅...mirrored prints must have another reason 😬
  3. hi everyone, the home point in cura is by default in the left front corner when in my printer it is in the rear left corner...the consequence is that the prints are mirrored in the Y direction... i try to change the "home-point" position but i couldn't do it...is there a way to do it? Thanks
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