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  1. I am looking to use Cura with Makergear M3-ID dual extruder 3D printer. I am currently using Simplify3D (makergear provides printer profile for simplify3d) which works well. But I would like to try out the different infill patterns that are available on Cura. Has anyone developed a Cura printer profile for M3-ID?Otherwise, how would I start to write my own printer profile for Cura
  2. I checked. I couldn't get any prints with the specified settings. I tried with many temperature and speed combinations and the best I got from using 250C. At 230 C, the prints suffer from heavy under extrusion that the flow stops completely after a while. I tried the same print with just changing the temperature only 250 and 230, and the 230 print stops due to under extrusion.
  3. I am trying printing with the Ninjatek EEL filament with my Ultimaker s5 and I was not able to get any good prints at all. Initially, I used the specified settings with 230 C temp and 20 mm/s speed, which led to failed prints due to under extrusion. I was able to get some prints with 250 C temp and 10 mm/s speed, but the prints are have very flaky like texture (as shown in the image) and kind of brittle. Since I am using an Ultimaker which has a bowden drive, it may not be the ideal printer to print with flexible filaments. And I was wondering if someone have experience with using
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