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  1. Hope somebody addresses this. Seems like it must be set somewhere, just hope it's user definable. Having to drag the mouse all the time is really a drag, so to speak, I'd like to watch it run while eating or something other than waiting for the grass to grow... Take care, thanks for bringing it up...
  2. Thanks... But it will not slice if I change the nozzle while the software is running. It did slice by setting the nozzle to two then closing and re-opening the program. When the code was run on the BIBO, it seemed OK heating nozzle two, but never would extrude any filament during the movement of the nozzle head. I know the nozzle is working. Have not looked into the gcode to see if I could see what it was or wasn't doing. Thanks for the help... :_)
  3. I have the BIBO Pro. I have red in one nozzle and black in the other. I have printed a model fine, but if I attempt to print it on nozzle 2 the software won't slice. The complaint is out of the print area or 'assigned to a disabled extruder.' Since I'm printing the model with nozzle one, it's not out of the build area and the error only occurs when I disable nozzle one and enable nozzle two. The error message says to enable a nozzle. I have enabled number 2, but it isn't recognized. How would it know (or care) which nozzle it's using? Assuming the fix is probable how it's con
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