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  1. Thanks help guys I managed to get the printer working perfectly with the 1.75mm filament, I just had to make a new material setting on the printer and change the filament size through that!
  2. Hi thanks for getting back! I've just got the standard ultimaker 2, everything on the printer is stock - no upgrades! I'll need to go into cuta and find out about the correct filament diameter, I never knew there was a option to change it, could be the answer to a few problems I've had haha!
  3. Thank you I'll definitly have a play and up the temp 5c at a time:)
  4. Hello, I've been printing for a few months now mainly with PET but decided to use 1.75mm pla filament for this project. I'm struggling to get a nice looking print from my ultimaker 2, tried many different variations of bed temps and nossle temps cleaning the extruder and adjusting the feeder but still no luck, I've attached a picture of how the print is coming out it's currently set at 230degC nossle and 80 degC bed.. any help will be appreciated! Thanks
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