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  1. I'm starting to look into this now that we have multiple S5s with material stations. Since the material station reads and writes to these chips, is there a way to do that ourselves using the material station? I have tried a PUT request via the API to the material station using an empty spool that is currently loaded. I attempt to set the material remaining back to 1, but it never updates. I was hoping it would be that simple, but of course it's not. I do get a 200 response, but the number never updates.
  2. Good to know. We are actually running 8 S5s with the ultibot logo. So it sounds like it might be possible to just swap the LEDs for my situation, but I'm not going to do that on relatively brand new machines. Does that then explain why the brightness of the lights changes when I attempt to change the H and S values via the API? Are those pins connected to different pins on the white LED strips?
  3. So I take it that the material station is not accessible via the cluster? Will this ever be implemented in the future? EDIT: I spoke too soon. I realized that within the printers endpoint that it returns the attached material station with material attributes.
  4. Yes that's exactly what I wanted to do. When a print finished, change to a certain color, when there was an error, change to another color, etc.
  5. ahh I see. So all I can do on the S5 is change the brightness?
  6. I have been attempting to change the color of the LEDs in my Ultimaker S5s using the API, but it never seems to work. When I set anything other than 0 for h or s, it just dims the lights. I get a 204 response code. I can then do a GET request and it shows me the values that I just set, so I know the printer is getting the data. Is this part of the API broken? See code below that I found on the forum and changed a little. def set_mainled(ip, h, s, v): api = initAPI(ip) # read the current LED status led = api.get("api/v1/printer/led"
  7. Logged in on my laptop, not logged in on the other 4 windows 10 installs that I tried. Disabling the UM3network plugin seems to stop cura from using too many resources, but that also stops the ability to print over the network. We do not have octoprint. The camera streams are active, but they go in and out. I rarely connect to them.
  8. I have the same exact issue with Cura using too many resources until the computer is unusable. I have installed Cura 4.6.1 on multiple windows 10 machines in a lab setting as well as my own laptop. All computers experience the same problem. I have to load my model, send the print job, and then exit Cura. I cannot leave cura running for more than 5-10 minutes since it will become unusable.
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