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  1. hi all, i've noticed that in preview Cura starts from layer 1 but in gcode starts from 0, i use a lot the "changeatZ" script that still start from 0. The issue is this one... i want to make a change from layer 4 according to what i see in preview, but the change will start from layer 5 preview----gcode ---1-------------0 ---2-------------1 ---3-------------2 ---4-------------3 here is were i want do the change according to preview ---5-------------4 but here is where the change will be done you got the point? if i want to make the change at the exact layer i want, i have to remember to subtract 1 from layer's preview.
  2. Hi all, if i use monotone ironing only at top layer and i use "change atz" script to modify speed or temp or flow, in the generated gcode under ":SKIN" i find an M106 S255 that has not to be there. And if i change temp but i have only 1 extruder and single hotend i had in the gcode: ";[CAZD: M104 S215.0 T0 ;:CAZD]
  3. Hi i think i have found a little bug in Cura. But i let you try cause i want t know if happens to me only or not. take this screw and open in Cura, done? ok now rotate it in X axis by 90° so that his head is parallel to print plane, done? ok now scale it only in X by 150%, done? ok what happens to Z???? Vite M4x6.stl
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