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  1. GV: The print always seem to start. The g-code that is found in machine settings runs then the print stops, either USB or SD. It appears to be the g-code that is specifically written for the print. Then after the tin machine update, cura longer sees the printer. When I plug the printer in via usb, the printer makes the connection sound along with the computer. I am new-ish to the scene, can yo give me more info on Pronterface? I downloaded it from printrun but appears that I need more than just a single install file, like python?
  2. OK, I have update the firmware using TM3D, same problem, but now Cura does not even see the printer. Any help?
  3. good evening, I got the printer about 3 weeks ago. The first handful of prints went great without a glitch. But suddenly the print would just not start. The printer would start after reaching temp, then auto level and them stop with the BL probe blinking red. Sometimes restarting the computer and printer would resolve this, other times changing a setting would do it. Sometimes, nothing helps, like tonight! I am printing mostly via USB cable, but have tried printing via sd card. I have yet to get it to print using the sd card. I have even tried with Cura 4.4.1 and have had the same results. This happens when printing with PLA, PETG or Nylon. Any help would be appreciated.
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