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  1. I’ve been using cura 4.7.2 for a while, but started having issues with the computer. I installed the latest (4.8) and started having problems with the raft being difficult to remove. Unfortunatly I don’t know how the previous version was configured. Question: what raft setting should I be looking at relative to the model adhesion to the raft. I have tweaked a few but none have helped thus far. Also, I had managed it get two layer raft with 4.7.2 but can’t get less than three with 4.8. I am well aware that this is a user deficient, not a software problem.
  2. Somethng has changed in my setup and can't figure out what. Im using Cura 4.7.1 and printing on a Ender 3 Pro with PLA @ 215 /65c, 20mm/s and 100% flow and everything has been working perfectly. The first and second layers are spot on. Then for layer 3, the Z jumps from .38mm layer height to 1.18mm. I can figure out why. Day before yesterday everything was fine, but this started yesterday and continues on to today. I have looked all through the cura profile and I can't see anything that I can pin this on. I don't doubt that I may have accidentally changed something but I don't know what
  3. I do a lot of repetitive printing and sometimes like to change the feed rate at certain layers or millimeters. For instance if or printing a partially threaded bolt standing on end, I might want to print the raft and bolt head at 200%, then slow down to 100% for the bolt shaft, and then slow to 25% at the beginning of the threads. This works perfectly if I stay with the print to modify the speed at those points. I’m looking for a way to automate that process (preferably in slicing) so that I don’t have to hover over the printer to make sure I crank the speed up or down at the appropriate la
  4. I am using Cura 4.7.1. I’m having an issue with the colors used in layer view. I am partially color blind and the colors being used by default are very hard for my brain to process. I watch tons of vids that use a much easier set of colors that my brain has no problem with. I’ve been through the menus looking for a place where these colors can be changed with no success. I have to assure it’s possible but can’t figure out how. Can someone Help me with this?
  5. I’ve been learning cura at a slow rate. I was doing fine with easily removed support structures. Apparently, in my exploring, I changed something and now support is very hard to remove. I think this may have something to due with interface layers but not sure what I need to change and to what value. i need help understanding what might have caused a change in the ability to remove support.
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