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  1. Thanks for your comment Smithy, I have seen this already unfortunately so I'm now printing an anti-unwind clamp in the hopes I can print something for more than 30 hours. I'm also tempted to run the spool off a lazy susan, the way it is now doesn't seem to be cutting it.
  2. Perhaps a similar issue I had a few months back before I got a replacement unit, was printing for a similar length of time. I believe the Bowden tube came loose in this previous post. The Bowden tube is still in the collet this time around.
  3. I was halfway through a 60 hour print, I heard some clicking noises (not thinking nothing of it as it's been running flawlessly for the first 30 hours) clicking gets louder, I realised the nozzle is under extruding and somehow the filament has managed to slip off the side of the spool (the spool was half full). Any ideas why this is happened? What I can do to fix? I have a feeling the extruder has started grinding the filament too but I have not yet taken off the cover. Nothing but problems for me with Ultimaker 2+ so far 😞 200+grams material down the drain and not en
  4. Thank you geert, I'll give this a whirl. I might print the snake clamps too whilst I'm at it
  5. I've exchanged the unit now. I did purchase a maintenance kit in parallel with the machine, I had replaced both the bowden tube and collets which didn't help unfortunately. In hindsight I was using ToughPLA on a UM2+ which I don't think is compatible perhaps for this reason?
  6. Not sure who I'm addressing this too, there doesn't appear to be any type of structured support. I have been having troubles with the Ultimaker2+ which was purchased around 3 months ago. Time after time when I leave work and return in the morning I'm greeted with a giant roll of wasted filament because the bowden tube KEEPS coming loose (usually after about 5-10 hours of run time). I've tried cutting a fresh part of the bowden tube for the connector, I've swapped the tube AND the couplers from the maintenance kit that was purchased with the machine (and taken apart th
  7. Hello, I had a print "finish" with the last 10% or so of the print missing which I couldn't get my head round, long story short it turned out that the roll of filament I was supplied had a great big chunk missing from it. I'm trying to get to the bottom of what's happened - I've attached a picture for reference, it's a little frustrating though as this was a near 40 hour print and I didn't have enough material left in the roll to print another. I can't imagine this is something that happens very often if it's a manufacturing error, could it have been somet
  8. Hi there, In general I think the site looks and functions great there is however one major bug bear I have and that's when browsing through all of the wonderful materials that the ultimakers can use, there is NO FILTER OPTION. It's quite frustrating when you use the buzzwords in the e.g. impact resistant/uv resistant to find a filament which you think would be perfect for the job only to find out the filament size isn't compatible with your machine. I feel like I waste some time clicking on the data sheets to find out the compatibility. It would be nice if there was a
  9. Thanks for the ideas geert, I like what you said about applying the ink to the various materials. The ink is in a cartridge inside the printer but I could probably order a similar type that I could use for this testing. I was originally leaning more towards the idea of trying to coat the PLA with something that would make it more resistant to the ink, mould release or any lubricant won't work as the prints are being used in a clean room on parts which should have no contamination. I wouldn't know where to start with trying to find an appropriate coating but I think google is my fr
  10. Ok, that's good to know - thanks Smithy!
  11. Hi, I've had an issue a couple of times where I've undocked my Laptop to work in another room, come back and re-docked it (where the printer is plugged into the USB) and whatever I'm printing just stops and the printer practically reboots, is there a way to stop this? I could leave the USB disconnected but I'd rather not. Thanks in advance, Kiran
  12. Hi All, I have a work project where we are using UV ink in conjuction with some 3D printed parts (currently in PLA). The UV ink is sticking to the PLA Parts I was curious to know if there's a Filament out there for a UM2 that would cause the ink not to stick to the 3D print. I can find out more information about the ink if required. Thanks in Advance, Kiran
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