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  1. @esopalumpa Thank you! I encountered the same issue with my UMS3 and ended aborting 4 prints. The 1.6mm horseshoe fix the problem. Thanks again for the resolution and stl files! I really appreciate. Now I am able to get back to my project.
  2. Hi Chris, Thanks for engaging the Engineers to review the logs. From your note, the printer lost connection with the NTP servers (potentially a network connectivity issue) which then caused the Digital Factory certificates (which are time sensitive) to be invalid. To resolve the issue I performed a Digital Factory reset from the menu and removed/added the printer back in Cura which resolved the issue. Thanks again Chris and the Engineers for looking into my issue. I am able to print and complete my jobs! I appreciate it!
  3. Hi, My Ultimaker S3 has lost the connection to the Digital Factory. This issue just occurred today. The S3 was connected and visible before today. I was not able to add the printer back into the Digital Factory so I upgraded the firmware to 5.8.0. the connect issue still exists. When I disconnect the S3 and try to connect via the webpage, the webpage resets and printer does not show up. The Printer appears to be connected and the disconnect button is visible. My system information Cura 4.7.1 Mac OS Catalina I would be inter
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