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  1. Hi All I hope this is the right place for this. We are having issues with Ultimaker filament spools we tend to get through about 25 spools a month, and use a material station with our S5. Every so often (we now have 6 of these) we get a spool that will not recognise, so there is no point adding to the material station as it will never take from it if a spool that did recognise runs out. Is there a way to "fix"/ replace just the tag as we are starting to build up spools of perfectly good materials that are just increased hassle to use.
  2. Hi ctbeke How is best to get the log file? Iain
  3. HI All Second digital factory point of the day, our printer once printing is almost always unreachable from Cura not allowing us to stack up prints into the build queue. Our S5 Pro is set up via ethernet not wireless, and even when it says unreachable we are nearly always able to see the camera, on the web portal and Cura. I have read that the printer rightfully prioritises teh print rather than DF, but this is very odd given we only have a single printer setup. I was hoping for an answer before we order more printers and increase the load. Regards Iain
  4. We have noticed the digital factory analytics to be useless under current form. The only time a print is marked as unsuccessful is if the abort is pressed. It does not appear to track prints stopped by machine errors, material shortages, or offer anyway for a user to feedback print by print on its outcome. This could be a really useful tool to understand where prints are failing, time, material type, design etc, but currently this is not actually insightful in any way. I propose that if part of print completion a dialog box to appear asking if it was successful, then use this to update this gr
  5. I was also looking for this information last week, and had no success, hopefully someone on here can help.
  6. So looks like bad firmware was the source of our issues, since the update everything works again.
  7. Yes our print fan was running during this but never kicked the heater in. As I say I removed the material station and it worked fine. I have power down overnight, and today we were met with another firmware update, good news material station problem seems to be resolved, and as soon as the first print has run I will check if we can now clean without disassembly.
  8. Apologies, the post uploaded when it wasn't complete. So we have a S5 Pro bundle and are having a no end of issues with the material station today. Problem 1: When attempting to clean print heads with the material station, the menu freezes with a spinning wheel after we select to use PLA, the nozzle is not heating and this can be left for hours without change. You cannot exit the menu, and have to power cycle to exit. If i remove the material station this works fine, and i can clean the nozzles. See attached images. Problem 2: We updated firmware today in
  9. We have recently started using an uktimaker s5 pro.
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