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  1. Dear Smithy and Cura team I really appreciate your good work you are doing. I have 2 Ultimakersa + DeltiQ2 and I use it every day. This problem was actual for years:) Sorry that I took it so personally. Thank you to take my comments so seriously. I did not expect you will. but please change that icon:)
  2. Dear rburema Thank you We had significant problem to find and understand function of STAR. Star pictogram is usually used for evaluation or labeling. This is why people just duplicate profile or imput new printer. Fortinately it is just a visual communication problem. Easy to solve... Please do it like this:
  3. Dear Smithy I tried to explane my feelings about using cura interface. Maybe I did not put right solutions and right explenations of cura problem, but there is some reason, why many people around me do not know how it works. When something looks simple, it should be a simple:)
  4. I forgot to praise:) I really love the design of cura. It is only good designed slicer at all.
  5. Sorry for my hard form of crytics. But I did not ask for advice:) I just told you that your product does not work properly... It is not as much intuitive as you thing. TRUST ME, YOUR PHILOSOPHY OF CHANGING PROPHILES IS THE REASON, WHY PROFESIONALS DONT USE CURA. I am helping you to improve your product and I advise you without being paid for my my job🙂 If you change 3 things, everybody will love your cura 1. Make option to duplicate printer with same settings 2. When you change profile just ask keep actual changes yes/not Yours logics is not commonly used, it means almost nobody understand and use it properly. Dont duplicate your options... (I consider myself as a averige sample of user) 3. It is good add new functions but do not forget unify old ones. (less is more)
  6. Dear Cura team I have a problem with Keep/discard when changing profiles. This function seems like good idea, but it allways make a lot of problems. It causes some unexpected changes does not matter what if you choose keep or discard.... I know it is probably high-tech function and if I take a week, I will understand it. But I do not have fudging week to learn to respect so unsuccessful disfunctions like this...!!!! Is there anybody who use this function successfully??? or is it just a programators love...? (i use cura for 4 years and I still do not understand it. It coused 1000 of problems...) If I explane: 1. there is not writen, what changes it means 2. I can never chage setting, switch to other profile and back to see those changes which I left there... 3. Logics of this functio is probalby ok, but only for matrian. In UX is better to use easyer mind constructions... 4. It is not only my computer problem 5. I still dont understand what is a purpose of this function. Who is it made for? Thank you and
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