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  1. Sorry it took so long for me to respond but I have some answers to the questions you asked. The IT admin sent me info for a 24 hour period. The host printer sent 243.87 GB and received 10.26 GB, the other printers sent out 15.78, 15.26 and 7.36. One printer didn't send or receive any data in that 24 hour period. 1. The large amount of data in question gets sent from our host printer to (api.ultimaker.com) 2. The data seems to get sent out every 2 minutes and totals to the numbers I gave above.
  2. Hi Chris and thank you for speedy reply I am waiting on the information you request but in the mean time I wanted to address a comment I made that I did not do a good job of explaining. I too believe you take security very seriously and by no means did I mean to indicate that you do not. I apologize if it came off this way. My statement was more alluding to how IT admins, in my experience, view private company info going to a outside location. It seems like no matter how safe or anonymous the data is, there are always questions raised and some admins are not as acc
  3. Short version: With the change over to Digital Factory we have seen a significant increase (200+Gb's at a time) in data being sent out to the cloud. Our IT department is concerned not so much that data is being sent to the cloud but by the large amount of data being sent. I was told we need to figure out why some much data is being sent out or we will have to turn off Digital Factory. Can someone please provide me with some information so I don't have to go back to running a USB stick around our facility? Long version: My company has (4) S5's and (1
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