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  1. Oh Wow! I get this instead (see the attached) I suppose it must be a cura parameter
  2. Hi, I use Cura 4.8 and it shows a weird FLAT form for my Stl file when it loads it without giving me an error. Then when I try to slice it gives me an error : Unable to slice Before I exported to STL I used the 3D print tool box tool to verify it and it did not flag ANY error. I have checked everything I could think of. at this point, any Help would be very much appreciated Thank you! mYGIRL jAN 7 PRINT .stl
  3. Thanks for trying. I ended up printing it sideways with a support. I wll see if I can find a bridging test gizmo to print. 🙏🙏🙏
  4. here is the STL. Thanks for looking at it. lips new .stl
  5. Hi, i m new to cura and 3d printing in general. I printed the shape in the first picture below With 20% infill with no problem. Then I tried with zero infill and just 2 or 3 wall lines (vase mode didn’t work for the shape.) when I ran into a problem at the top of the shape (see the 2nd picture). I then printed again with the bridge parameters and a 0 as minimum bridge wall lenght (all other parameters I didn’t change) This time although the sides at the top are much better. It seems to still have a problem with the middle portion (rest of the pictures show the printing and final prod
  6. the object is the benchy that I downloaded from Thingiverse. I does print successfully. The problem is that Cura does not show the slicing properly in the viewer; hence the pictures (see below full screen pics)
  7. after I slice an object, the PREVIEW mode shows me something very basic (I try to show the progression as I scroll on the pictures below).
  8. Hi I have a CREALITY CR-10 V3 and have set-up CURA for CR-10 (there was option for V2 or V3). Is there something I should know or change for the print to be more specific to my printer? I am having issues with my prints so I want to make sure that I have the printer set-up covered. Thanks for your help
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