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  1. First off, thank you for the response and offering insight. To give a bit more detail... I originally had set up a Custom Printer Profile in Cura, with the correct dimensions for the Minibot's bed (75 x 70 x 70mm). I made sure the material settings were for 1.75mm PLA. The included designs (a bunch of vases, a hedgehog, a fish cup, etc.) print quite well but when I tried to generate my own gCode files it seems the nozzle height is incorrect - it's up off the bed slightly - I level before each attempt at printing. Print temp (200° C) is right but the results were not good. I
  2. I won a Fulcrum Minibot 3d printer in a contest and it showed up in the Post this past week. This is my first step into this world and I'm really enjoying it, thus far. The printer includes 20-30 or so preset designs to print, on an included SDcard. While that is fun, I would like the freedom to download .stl files and print other designs. I've tried using Cura (current version) and my gcode files do not print well - base layers rarely adhere and when they do, the resulting print comes out looking skewed or slightly melted. Is there any hope for me or must I wait for a profile for t
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