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  1. Apparently not. But probably just a matter of moving the files to the right place. Still not the preferred solution, but probably better than what I currently have.
  2. Hmm, if that's the reason, there's probably no easy fix 😞
  3. yes, just check and it apparently does, but I can't use my printer definitions and so on, when running the AppImage, and generally would like to have an installed version 😞 Is it possible that the arch package itself is faulty in some way?
  4. Hallo, I am having an issue for months now, I think since cura 4.2 or so, now just updated to cura 4.6.2, hoping this would finally work again, but it doesn't. Since I do not want to switch to another slicer, I am now seeking help here. My issue is, that the only way I have to select an object is through the Object list on the lower left. clicking anywhere in the 3d view, no matter how clearly I click the object, it will deselect. Hence I cannot drag an object at all. When I want to move an object, I have to select it in the object list and manually type the coordinates. Th
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