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  1. @SandervG Yes I already stated that in the post. There wasn't really anthing to clean except for the outer part of the lens since the lens fixture cannot be disassembled.
  2. I just did find a similar thread, but without solution yet
  3. Like the title says, the webcam view that I have on my Ultimaker 3 Extended is very blurry. I haven't seen any other cases of this on the community so hence this thread. Obviously i have tried gently cleaning the lens with a cloth and also I have unscrewed the webcam PCB and took a good look at the lens and print but did not see any contamination. I added two example pictures so you see what I mean. In the pictures it seems almost as if the room is foggy, which it isn't. The lighting in the room is just a regular office light setting so nothing weird there. Before escal
  4. Ah perhaps that is why. It surprises me that this functionality doesn't exist for a printer which is out for so long already. I noticed that you @Smithy already made the same comment about the limited functionality more then a year ago, so clearly this has no priority for Ultimaker. Are there perhaps any other (community) interfaces that can be used to control the API? I would not think that I am the first one that would like this functionality, so perhaps a handy programmer already made an interface which is more convenient then the 'swagger UI' (located at <IP-address>/d
  5. I am a happy user of a Ultimaker 3 Extended. Recently I have been exploring the network options to manage prints remotely. Sending prints from Cura works great, and in the monitor tab (and digital factory website) I can see basic info such as print progress % and queue. What surprises me is that I have no way of interacting with the printer using these interfaces. Features such as pausing/aborting a print and looking at the webcam are particularly useful now that working from home is more common, allowing the start or interrupt of a print remotely. After some more resea
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