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  1. Hi, Thank you for the update on the materials , it helped me a lot to manage our materials we created. But i think this new UI should be on the top of the list and not at the bottom for me because the propositions on the first list may conduct to select a wrong material and the "brand" list is far better to select the right one. I have also a question with the firewall. I like the fact that we can protect our printer from people importing non desired materials , but activating it forces me to print in Cura via cloud instead of printing via network right ? Th
  2. Hello, We have a group of 3 Ultimaker S5 and 1 S3. We are running them in a group for 2 years . Since the digital factory firmware upload , we have a lot of troubles with untimely disconnections with times from 1 minute to hours long. But i don't think it is really disconnections , because when i type the Ip on chrome i can still access to the temperature graph or the api, i just can't access to digital factory via web or cura. I tried to separate the group by putting every printer alone and now everything works. Can someone help me with that ? Thank y
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