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  1. Thank you. That's a definite upgrade comming in the near future, along with an enclosure. Though it hasn't been a issue with running PETG, yet. But for what I do, ABS will work and costs a fraction of the price. So far I have no complaints. With the filament or the printer.
  2. Hello all, Post 1. Thought I would start here since I just completed my first print tonight with what seems like abnormal ease. I can only attribute the success to either the printer or the filament but based on customer reviews I suspect it's the materials. So here's the run down Printer: AnyCubic Mega Zero, Fully stock, No heat bed, No Enclosure www.anycubic.com Filament: Atomic Filaments, USA, Crystal Clear/Natural PETG PRO, $32.99, 1kg Roll, Recomended Settings: Nozzle Temp - 232 to 245C, Bed Temp - 60 to 70C, File: OWL Total Print Time 4.5hr
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