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  1. So it appears that there is a TON of heat radiating from the heater block. I just installed the fan with shroud (printed out of ABS) and it melted it. This is crazy to me. The temperature seems to be reading accurately, has anyone else had these problems? Is there a better, more efficient, sock I can buy for the V6?
  2. Great suggestion but I have the E3D V6 silicon sock. I am including a pic of my hotend just for S&G. Ignore the cooling fan up in the air, I am waiting on a nee fan as that one is broken (not the cause of the issue as I had the cooling fan turned off before and after the installation, in fact my cooling fan is always off )
  3. The temp sensor is different and changed accordingly in configuration.h for the marlin code. I was able to measure the temperature and it is accurate. i was able to get some successful larger prints but small towers still seem to be a problem. On the towers I noticed that the top 10 or so layers below the nozzel will move with the nozzel indicating that they are still super hot. This confuses me, only thing I can think of that would cause this is that maybe the bottom of the e3d v6 has much higher convection heat transfer or that the fan from the hold side is causing airflow to cro
  4. Ok so I was doing a bunch of work to my printer last weekend including an E3D V6 hot end upgrade. The printer is an ender 3 pro that has an SKR mini v2 board, octoprint, enclosure, and more printing with makerbot ABS. After every change I would always test print a standing tower as pictured below. Once I installed the e3d v6 hot end my prints started looking extremely over-extruded and or too high temperature. I am using the exact same gcode as the previous towers (except for the short once pictured where I tried changing setting to fix the issue). The towers on the left of the picture are bef
  5. Thank you for the sugestions but don't you think that the issue being completely repeatable between prints would mostly rule out these solutions? If it was an underextrusion, bearing, or a temperature problem I would expect the odd layers to show up in random spots between prints and not at the exact same layers while looking the exact same (unless the Gcode is messing with these variables at certain points of course and not varation within the machine). Also my Zaxis is super smooth, I can move my gantry to the top and watch is slowly come most of the way down. Oh and I print with
  6. So now that I have my printer almost where I want it I have one more problem to tackel that I just cant figure out. I am getting these random lines on the sides of my prints that are consistent through the entire layer. The ouside wall is usually inwards on these layers almost as if it is printing the model at 99% scale for that layer then back to 100% scale for the next. It is not layer shift as it is a consistant offset inwards or outwards through the entire layer. I thought I had something loose or my Z axis was messed up or I was underextruding on some layers so I went over the whole print
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