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  1. @gr5 & @fbrc8-erin Thank you both so much for the advice! It is much appreciated. Yes, the sound still occurs on later layers. I'll try those troubleshooting tips later this week to figure out if it's belt or bearing related. It's really great getting to tap into your experience! thanks!
  2. Thanks gr5! I will check that this week. Yes am based in the U.S. Are there generic bearings that work or does Ultimaker sell spares? Sounds like it would be good to have some of those and spare belts on hand. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn't, but now that I've checked...yes all are aligned.
  4. Good to know that sound is not too much of a concern. (Though it's becoming a slight obsession to figure it out lol) Not certain it's related but it did seem like too much of a coincidence that the sound is only on the x axis and that is also where print quality suffers. Movements along the y axis are quiet.
  5. Printed a single layer (0.3mm) of clear polyfabb PVB. The material goes down beautifully on the y axis but the x axis not so much. It seems like the head movement is not as smooth which causing slight over extrusion. I also noticed a clicking sound when the head moves along the x axis. Machine and belts are relatively new. I checked the bearings and rods too. Here is a video of the sound: https://photos.app.goo.gl/18AaQFgVthKA7t349 Thanks in advance for any tips!
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