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  1. @IRobertI, thank you very much. Now I get a proper slicing. I have tried this previously but I have made a mistake in calculation with extrusion width. Now everything is fine. Also I would like to thank you for commenting about a possible failure.
  2. Maybe I didn't understand the reply properly. I can't change the thickness for the 3D model itself because it takes a lot of time to print in that case.
  3. For now I don't really know how to do this properly in Simplify3D but I will try. Thanks a lot for your suggestion.
  4. Dear Madam, Sir, I would like to print a sphere (an enclosure for a loudspeaker) with relatively thin walls. The problem is I am forced to print with a high speed (due to its huge dimensions). When filling walls an extruder follows very short paths and, as a sequence, it literally bumps into the shells with a very high speed (looks like a resonance) (a part of this infill is demonstrated by the red ellipse in the screenshot attached). I do believe this type of movement will destroy bearings quite soon. Unfortunately, Simplify3D does not feature a circular infill which would be very handy in such a case (e.g. Cura features this). However, I do prefer to use Simplify3D. My quesion is whether I am right or wrong regarding that these short movements will destroy bearings of my Ultimaker 2+ quite soon. I apologize if my question is inappropriate. Thank you very much in advance. Sincerely, Dmitrii
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