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  1. I still haven’t found any settings or combinations of setting that can slices wall thinner than 0.4mm with the Master @Burtoogle Version. Setting the outer wall line width to 0.2mm does ‘work’ but I don’t want to print my whole model with that setting. Plus, it doesn’t make the Print thin wall work, the wall is still red on the preview mode when usually thin walls are represented in yellow. I tried to uninstall and re-install Cura master…. Same problem. I even tried the 3 different versions of Cura Master provided in the Burtoogle Dropbox (windows 64). My Printer is an old Tevo Tarantula with Marlin 2.0. I’m on Windows 10 64 At this point, I’m starting to think that’s a Printing God’s curse…
  2. Hi everyone ! i'm new to this forum but i gotta say, it is amazing! i was a simplify3d user since 2015 but now i used cura and it is amazing how much more setting is there! i love it. but i face a problem.... the well know issu with thin wall slicing and thin gaps filling.... (i design an easy torture test with walls that gradually goes from 0.5mm to 0.25mm wall thickness approximatively) i used the official cura version 4.6 and when the print thin walls option is enable, the printer slice the walls that are thinner than the nozzle line width and that's great but as you probably know, the downside is that official cura does a pretty bad job while filling gap between walls (not a smooth line but a zig-zag- kind of gap filling...) Making the patern as concentric for the top and bottom seam to do a 'better' job but still... i search a lot to find a solution but i'm still lost... I tought i found the holy grail with this tread: https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/28556-feature-request-variable-line-width/ First of all, let me say, Burtoogle.... YOU ARE FREAKING AMAZING!!! you don't even kown how much you helped me by answering others members questions. EVERY time you reply, the anwser is clear, complete, well understand and you almost have a solution for everything. Love it! so, of course i downloaded and installed the Burtoogle Master Cura version 20200721. It work like a charm for gap filling between wall as it do a WAY smoother extrusion line than the official cura version. Plus, i don't have to put concentric as a top/bottom patern to help him. But when it come to print thin walls... it fail. I take, almost, the same profile on both cura 4.6 and the Master version but on the master one he dont want to slice thin wall ( I attached picture) i try to play with: min wall flow (tried 0 to 50% without effect) outter or inner walls line width (not slicing thin walls even if i put my walls line width to 0.2mm) outter/inner walls compensation on or off (no effect) print thin walls on or off (no effect) print inside wall before outside (no effect) honestly, i tried so much thing that i can't remember them all but it does not work for sure. hope someone can help me with this issue... i'm starting to get some really good printing with my setting but i often print thin wall and i need this feature to work proprely! P.S. vase mode is not an acceptable solution for me I attached: stl file (design in fusion 360) cura profiles gcode screenshot (official Cura 4.6 version on right and Burtoogle Master versions on the left) Bassline Test Print v2.stl official Cura profile.curaprofile Burtoogle master Cura profile.curaprofile Bassline Test Print Cura 4,6 Version.gcode Bassline Test Print Cura Master Version.gcode
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