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  1. Win 10x64 Nvidia RTX 3070 after slicing for Ender 3 Pro I get a 562 layer print but in Layer View, I can only play back the top layer in 4.3 I was able to replay the whole print. Now only the top layer
  2. Windows 10 x64, Ender 3 Pro, nvidia RTX 3070 after slicing, Layer mode is now useless. I have a model with 652 layers and when I look at it in layer view, if I rewind the playbacj for the print strategy I only get the last layer. I used to be able to see the animation of the whole build in 4.3. Layer view is now useless
  3. and Thank you TinkerGnome for the 1.25 wall diameter. That fixed it
  4. Thanks guys! can I ask another newbie question? I know the nozzle diameter is 0.4mm - but the setting in Cura allows for "Super Quality" where the line width is ostensibly 0.12mm. and in measuring the thickness of a single extruded thread, I consistently get 0.2mm with my calipers. are you saying that even though it actually extrudes that thin, Cura wont try? I thought that the 0.4mm nozzle could extrude as little as 0.1mm by controlling feed rate and head speed am I wrong on this?
  5. So I have a design that is essentailly a mounting flange for a thin bit of vacuum formed ABS (its a model cowl of a WWI rotary engine) the way I made it is to take a cylinder of the ID of the cowl, set its vertical height at 10mm (1cm) and then take a second cylinder, with a bevel that is just a tad smaller and cocenter the two so the bevel gives my a nice fade into a hole in the middle (through which runs the rubber band that drives the prop) and I get the first few layers of the vertical flange but the slicer only generates 17 layers (looking at the gcode) and with the resolution at 0.12mm, this gives me a height of 1.7mm instead of the 10mm I was looking for. initially my walls were 0.1mm thick (ie just one layer) - they are now up to 0.4mm ie 4 layers.. and STILL Cura only gives me 17 layers what am I doing wrong?
  6. thanks GregValiant - I dont know what changed but somehow just switching to PLA and then back to ABS for the slicer seemed to fix it
  7. yes the underextrusion seems like the problem Yes I have an enclosure, but I've tried it with both enclosure or non-enclosure. and the example is the slicing with Cura.. Ill try the PLA approach
  8. I've printed this set of multiples before using CREALITY's version but it only had 30% infill and when I tried upping it to 70% infill I only got skin. and I'd read good things about Cura, so I thought Id try it. most of the pieces have been recycled as ABS Glue, but here is what one half of one of the cones looks like, you can see the lack of skin and the poor intralayer adhesion in the top layer notice that there is a density increase in where the skin layer should be, but it is not solid
  9. So I tried to print on my ender pro 3 an ABS model that needed 70% infil. and I had two major problems 1) almost no adhesion between the layers 2) no skin. none. I only got the infil attached is the file CE3PRO_ABS LG left.3mf
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