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  1. @lenigma1 I've never used direct connection or TCP-from-Cura nor have I ever used Dremel's slicer application. When these 3D45s were delivered, I started with Cura's latest edition for Linux (as I don't run Windows) as that's what we've been using for our 3D20, using Tim's plugin for the 3D20 to generate g3drem files. With the 3D45s (there were a few delivered), I wanted to use the camera AND I needed to monitor multiple computers. So I immediately set them up on Polar3D.com, one of the cloud software versions for the 3D45 (you can use a free account, don't
  2. No problem @lenigma1. Happy to help. And thanks for the correction - it was very late and yeah, forgot we are talking Cura and not Dremel Slicer-rebranced version of Cura. :) I've fixed my original post, and formatted it a bit better as well. I want to stress that they are only a starting point, and will still produce a number of artifacts. You will want to calibrate and stress-test each printer, perfecting each profile to override those defaults (I mentioned it in an earlier post). Michael over at Teaching Tech on Youtube just released the
  3. Actually, here ya go. Attached are all three profiles I have already pulled from their Dremel Slicer from about a month or so ago (3D20, 3D40, 3D45). I just upgraded to 4.7 and they continue to work fine. (Had to zip them as this forum didn't allow me to upload json files) You'll want to place them in your Cura's install directory, under the "resources/definitions" folder: Windows: C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura X.X\resources\definitions Linux: ~/.local/shared/cura/X.X/definitions/ (replace X.X with your version) Note: I don't use the attached 3D20 profile but instead I u
  4. The 3D20 plugin from Tim (https://github.com/timmehtimmeh/Cura-Dremel-3D20-Plugin) is required to create those proprietary g3drem binary file formats since the 3D20 printer does not support raw gcode. For the 3D45/3D40, you can use normal clear-text gcode. Source: I have both 3D20 and a couple of 3D45s, and use Cura and PrusaSlicer on them (well, no PrusaSlicer on the 3D20 just yet until I finish my python wrapper for post-processing and converting it to g3drem format) If you really want the "Dremel Defaults" for the 3D45 in your latest version of Cura, he
  5. How can I change the mouse rotation (right-click hold, drag) and panning (right-click hold + shift, drag) settings? This is killing my arthritis-filled fingers. It's especially bad on my Thinkpad trackpads that require such high holding force, and Yoga-style multi-hand, multi-finger gymnastics to do a simple pan. No other application, not a single one, has this crazy setup that Cura has. Or, they have it easily configurable in their settings. Is there a json file I can edit somewhere for the key/mouse bindings? Technically, I am using the AppImage version of Cura (on Li
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