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  1. I've removed any symbols or spaces from the name (had a _ before), and ensured it's 2.4Ghz. No change. It just sits like this for 20+ minutes.
  2. I recently upgraded to a new router and am struggling to get my S5 to connect to the new network. I've plugged it in via ethernet to make sure everything is up to date, and I'm sure I'm typing in the correct password. I've changed the router protocol from WPA2 to WPA3, no difference. It's the same every time, I setup wifi, the hotspot is created, I log into it and configure the name a region, type in the password (the network is at full strength, the printer is physically right next to the router right now), and then it closes the hotspot and switches to the connecting phase of the progr
  3. This has happened to me twice now with my Ultimaker S5. I try to print and it seemingly decides to stop indefinitely during the "preparing" phase. The first time the print head stayed in the in the default back left position and the bed never even raised, after waiting an hour with no movement from the machine I tried to abort but it wasn't responding so I power cycled it. As it was getting late I tried printing again but went to bed before I could watch it finish the "preparing" stage. The print head was moving and the print bed had lifted up. However, the print head stayed stuck close
  4. I had this exact same issue, the problem for me was that my Pixel was intelligently noticing that the Wifi network didn't have internet connectivity so was routing all my traffic to my mobile network. Setting my phone to Airplane mode, then connecting to the hotspot fixed this issue for me (Ultimaker S5)
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