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  1. All fine now. So I guess the original problem was the extra friction of the slightly damaged Bowden tube + the extra friction of the too hot/mushy filament above the metal coupler/heatbrake due to the insufficient airflow, due to the wrong direction of the hot end fan. Phew ... And for the rest, I'll try with my Race nozzle to see if I can get better results at higher speeds. It might be the Olsson block can only melt so much plastic/s, that higher speeds are not feasible with good quality. Maybe the Race block is also needed for that. And a better feeder, as I'm not very happ
  2. It is, I even have 2 of them. Identical. Carl (3DSOLEX owner) sent me one extra. And on the arty drawing on the left (from the website) you can see (somehow) it's not straight down, there is a 'gap'on each side at the top.
  3. Just did, maybe slightly better top layer, still very clearly walls separated. This was sliced in draft mode, 4 walls and Equalize filament flow on:
  4. This is the 3DSolex version : https://3dsolex.com/product/tf2k/ Now using it without the I2K coupler to reduced the number of variables while troubleshooting. But if I get the normal PLA prints back 100% ok, then I'll put that I2K ring back in, to go allow higher temps without squeezing my coupler. It was discussend (amongst other places) here : Btw, great firmware you made, using it with pleasure on mu UM2 for years already !
  5. fan direction flow changed, to the touch the metal is a bit cooler so that's a good sign already ! Next ? :)
  6. You might have a point, I replaced also replaced the back fan by a smaller (way more quiet) Sunon fan. It is working properly though, I hear the fan spinning, I can stop the fan with my finger and I feel hot air blowing out towards the back of the printer. Is that the right direction? You think the heat is creeping up the filament causing the terrible part of the cold pull plug? Do you have an idea what the temperature of the metal head/frame should be with a properly working fan? With the Olsson block/nozzle at 205 degrees, I can keep touching the bottom horizontal (closest to th
  7. Hi, I have an Ultimaker 2, upgraded with Olsson block and an new fan shroud. I'm having for quite some time moderate-to-heavy (but consistent) under-extrusion problems which I tried to fix using cold pulls, replacements of PTFE coupler, replacement of Nozzles but for the love of my life, I can't get it fixed. And recently it gotten worse, I'm getting 1 Extruder motor skip every so minute or so. The prints are acceptable but not 'filled up', so there are consistent gaps in between the lines. Outer surface quality and Z layer consistency is great. Attached
  8. Sorry to revive an old thread but since there are not many experiences around, i need to try my luck here. So, after a few years usage, are you still happy that you installed the Sanjiu? I'm also looking at installing one, so some long time running 1st hand experience would be nice. Did you use it also with flexibles (TPU etc)? Thanks.
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