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  1. Thank you so far for the support, but that is exactly what I did accept the default settings. I have attached the file I am using. Paid for and downloaded of a youtube site..... using a Ultimaker S3.... It is a brillant machine but when I slice and print everything is fused together except .5mm The rest is solid... Makers Muse Clearance and Tolerance Gauge.STL
  2. So I Import the stl file from another site and then open in Ulitimaker Cura.... there are a whole load of options in the right hand settings.☺..... however I have been looking for ideas on what to change or focus on that will allow the objects to move....
  3. I am new to the whole 3D printer game and I have a Ulitmaker S3 to play with.... Company not mine... However I wanted to print out a tolerance key from another site and they are all stuck together except the 0.5 size.... How and where do I change the Clearance between each key.
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