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  1. Hi all, Approximately 8 months ago, I purchased a new Ultimaker S3. Ever since, I've been printing daily at least 8h. The printer never failed and from the beginning also produced a superb print. For about a week now, however, the printer has been acting up. I first had the problem that half way through the printjob, the S3 would simply stop extruding filament (the print head moves without filament exiting the nozzle). In the meantime, it's worsened. Now, half way through the printjob the bowden tube gets loose and rips itself out of the feeder. I've been using the same three PLA filaments from Ultimaker (blue, purple and yellow) since the beginning. I never used ABS anything else. I fixed the bowden tube back in place and have also tried the following to fix the issue: Changed the filament Cleaned the feeder Lubricated the axles Changed the nozzle So far, nothing helped. Anybody a suggestion how I can fix this? I also attach an image of the loosened bowden tube. Thanks, N
  2. Thanks a lot gr5! So, what helped a lot what to clean the build plate with window cleaner. Removing the grease is crucial for a good print. Thanks a lot! I also tested both the hairspray and wood glue and both worked ok. Not perfect but ok. The bottom layer still is terrible. However, what I found out is that the filament (Renkforce PLA) is absolutely useless. After testing with Ultimaker PLA, I concluded there's probably no better filament for UM3 than Ultimaker PLA! Thanks also for the tip on warping. Do you think an enclosure for my UM3 would minimise warping as well?
  3. Hi! I’ve seen several forum entries on the same topic but none of them seems to provide a solution. So, I’m trying my luck! I’m having difficulties getting a nice first layer (see images attached). As you can see, the first layer is rippled and has these strange pouches. I’ve been troubleshooting this for quite a while now and tried the following: Tried printing with glue and without Tried printing with the blue tape and without Active levelling, where I set all springs to 5mm height. This showed however the worst results. I’m disappointed and cannot believe that this wouldn’t work. Manual levelling at different heights, using the calibration card, using thicker paper and a thin sticky note. I've even tried adjusting the height of the print bed. Updated the firmware to the latest version ( My setup is as follows: 3D printer: Ultimaker 3 Extended Firmware version: Print settings: all default settings (60°C print bed temp., 200°C nozzle temp. etc) Filament: Ultimaker PLA silver metallic (2.85mm) Slicer: Cura v. 4.6.2 Can anybody help me with getting the first layer printed nicely? Thanks, Max
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