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  1. Ah good to know. How do I disabled my flow sensor and the print managed to finish the pieces, although I did start getting over extrusion at 150% flow. Maybe its a filament compatibility issue, also had some minor bridging so i may reduce the head temp. Thank you for your help I will order some of the correct filament today. -Kieran
  2. Hello I am very new to this community and just got my ultimaker s3 set up yesterday. I am running a 1.75mm PC filament print using the aa .4 nozzle with the bed set to 115c nozzle at 180c and a flow rate of 140%, I have great adhesion using a brim but after the brim and first 2 layers of the parts were printed I get a strange error message where it thinks the filament has run out, I can resume the print, and get maybe 1 min of run time with the printer, but then the same error message. The filament is in the feeder and has good tension on it, maybe too much (i can see the teeth marks in the filament running through the feed tubes) but I cannot figure out why this keeps happening. This has happened with both the included UM holder and the one included in the picture. Does anyone have any thoughts?
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